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The Past

Come back Says a soldier’s wife Come back  Says the place Come back Says the home Come back  Says the nation But never come back  Says the past Why the pain  When there is no gain Learn to let go So you may come back nay lost but mighty As life is yours and stays […]

Sandhya's Poems


Swirls of red In ready bloom  With bating breath   She awaits  To watch petals unfurl Leading her desire But future might conspire Darling the path is right there March ahead coz it’s your life to sire

Fintech Rantings


Welcome to Fintech 101, your guide to the world of financial technology. In recent years, fintech has taken the world by storm, transforming the financial landscape and offering innovative solutions to traditional financial services. And you also know, that I love to call myself the Fintechnerd. Ok, back to topic, right from mobile banking to […]