Content Writing- An Introduction

Content writing can be explained through the mirror dimension as simply writing a content. Content writing aims to create, educate, promote or intimate about a product or a subject.  A person who adorns the role of a content writer has to understand the dynamics of the language and present it from the viewpoint of the reader. Keep on drumming about a specific point does not cut it.

There are many types of content writing like:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Content Writing– In this, the writer has to make use of particular phrases or words to promote a website, product or service.
  • Website Writing- Writing articles that are relevant to the targeted audience or site.
  • Blog writing- Like the one, I am writing now.
  • Article writing- Researching and gathering facts about a particular topic and curating in a way that is understandable for anyone who reads the article.
  • Techincal Writing– This writing is performed by experts who are leaders in their field or have the required technical expertise to comment on the subject.
  • Copywriting- Writing engaging content that mesmerizes the reader or the buyer to buy a product or a service.

There are many other types of writing which I am slowly making myself aware of. To be a content writer, you should be able to understand the requirements of the client and deliver them without a hitch. You should also be able to work within the deadline as specified by the client. When engaging in content writing, you have to make sure that there no grammatical errors or any PLAGIARISM in your content.

PLAGIARISM happens when you copy a piece of text already published on the web and paste it in the article you are writing. Plagiarism is a strict no-no in the profession of content writing.

The ability of a content writer is to write a content in a creative and refreshing way.  Content writing also offers the flexibility of work. You can work in an office environment or as a freelancer. There are many sites that offer freelance content writing jobs and companies are also in need of content writers.

Last but not least, if you are new to writing and are passionate about penning your thoughts, first practice and write for the sake of writing. Learn all the tools used for writing and then find your niche.

Hope you were able to understand what is content writing by reading this post. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below. Looking forward to it and

As usual Namaste, Au Revoir, Saynora, and Vanakkam to my readers out there where ever you are and whoever you are.

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