I am Sandhya, a writer by the day & Fintechnerd always. I am also a Psychotherapist who loves exploring the intricate maze of the human mind.

I warmly welcome you to my site.

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Here is a little about me, I am a homemaker turned freelancer, now into a corporate role.

Been into many things from the start. I guess I have always been a curious person by nature. Quite short-tempered, too but tamping it down nowadays. Fell in love with writing ages ago, but I haven’t stopped learning about this wonderful art. I have tried my hand at many things like Chartered Accountancy, Compay Secretary, and English Literature but finally ended up doing my Masters in Counseling & Psychotherapy. It really opened up my mind to new experiences, and I started seeing people and my everyday happenings in a completely different light.

On the personal front, I am a happily married woman with a teenager and a tween. Oh, the joys of motherhood 😏😏. My husband is too supportive and very patient no matter my antics. He has always encouraged me to find my footing and chase my passions.

Now coming to this blog, this is my space where I write my learnings of the fintech industry (it is a personal favorite), hence the name Fintechnerd. I record my understanding of this happening industry as I understand it, coupled with the rantings of my random thoughts every now and then.

Oh, I also fancy myself as a poet, so you might stumble upon it too when you browse through my site