New job titles

Gone are the days when only the job descriptions of general manager, manager, executive, and peon and other set categories existed. Even the job that was done by them was the one that didn’t have the requirement of a creative mind.

Now with the creation of the web and the internet boom has led to new job titles like a content writer, online tutor, web content developer, SEO writer and SEO writing and what not.

What was once a hobby and was frowned upon by our elders when we spent too much time in the library or before the computer has now become one of the high paying jobs.

Take me, for example, I work as a ghostwriter meaning I write articles for money, but I don’t have any claim on them once it is handed over to the client nevertheless it is a good paying job. But the qualification needed for this job is my creativeness, my ability to reproduce a content originally and my English mastery ( which is little less by the way because I am a little weak in grammar).

Anyways back to the ranting, the internet has opened a sea of opportunities. Never in a million years, I would have thought that all that years of bunking and slacking off of school and college assignments and missing my motherly duties a teensy weensy bit would pay off as a career option for me. I have a background in commerce as you would know from the intro post but I like the English language just for the twist and wit. English is a very complex language where a word or a sentence can mean many things, and it can twist in a way that conveys the speaker”s feeling very easily.

Many fail to see this beautiful nature of this language and this very same nature has captivated me for many years and will do so in the years to come. The people who know me for a long time have always been familiar with my pranking side. Not many are aware the penchant I have towards English. When in school I have a rather annoying habit of showcasing my new vocabulary which I learned from reading detective novels in the closet and the movies

I watched without my mom’s knowledge which made my friends struggle a little bit to understand and the result was me being labeled a pranking nerd. But they didn’t realize that even I didn’t know the meaning of the word, so via this post, I sincerely ask sorry to you guys.

Anyways back on track, the internet has opened a sea of opportunities, and my suggestion to the people out there is utilize your hobby and turn into a career opportunity because this is only the start of the line, more is yet to come, so enjoy your life. See you all in my next post.

Till then Namaste,  Au Revoir, sayonara and last but not least Vanakkam.

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