Pick 3 for work-life balance

Hey everyone, after a long absence found time today to post my thoughts. Was reading an article in the Times of India later in the week, which described what would be the optimum mantra to achieve the work-life balance?

According to the famous tweet of Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark Zuckerberg who advocated a rather succinct formula for picking any 3 options that make your life a joyous one.

Every entrepreneur’s dilemma nowadays would be

  • Maintaining friendships,
  • Spending time with family,
  • Building a great company,( strike this off for employed people)
  • For employed people, it would be the performance concern,
  • Staying healthy and fit and
  • Getting proper sleep (Personally am in favor of this one, can’t be a zombie, it just  doesn’t make sense)

Randi made her choice of work, family, and sleep and made her peace with them.

But, my question is what is actually the exact equation for work-life balance and does a hugely advocated policy apply to everyone as everyone falls under the general criteria of work and managing professional and personal life together?

There is also the four-burner policy where you simply cut off the fourth burner to make your life a tad easier. According to life coach experts, the number three is a magical number where you cover what really matters and also sharpen your focus to keep the list manageable.

The Indian workforce is always on the run where work always comes first and they are literally have been drilled into the DNA to appease everyone around them which makes them devoid of the habit of saying no.  If the boss says it is a yes, if wife says it is a yes, if mom says it is a yes (just saying, no offense intended anywhere and to anyone) and in the case of women professional it is all the more “yes”.

But the complexity of lives which are blended with tradition and a conservative modern outlook has always had this theory from the start, for example, take the picture-perfect Indian father who runs to the office and spends every minute of their productivity to better their children’s lives and satisfy their mom and wife and the typical loving Indian mother whose world spins on the axis of the husband and children priorities, all these advocate the pick 3 formula.

This formula would definitely help in making our lives a little easier and which 3 to pick totally rests on an individual’s set of situations and expectations. When change is the only constant in our life of variables the policy of picking 3 or cutting off the fourth burner will give a positive impact on our lives. After all, as it is always said to gain something, you need to lose something.

We get only one life, so make your choices and the best out of them. Enjoy the present and live the thrill of anticipation of the events that will happen in your life. Being without regrets would be the first step, I think and what is your take on it? Do let me know!

Till then Namaste, Au revoir, Sayonara, and Vanakkam to my readers where ever you are and whoever you are!

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