Why not writing?

Writing is essential to convey our thoughts, opinions, declarations and what not. It is the primary framework of our communication. Our education method stresses the importance of writing. In the age of internet and Artificial Intelligence, writing has still not lost its charm.

The age of writing is as old as civilization itself. Early men have expressed themselves by way of carvings in caves. As the civilization has progressed, so have we and our writing techniques. It has allowed us to pen our thoughts without a block. We can jot down our thoughts, tips, to-do lists and many more.

Writing gives a satisfaction of priority. It encourages the flow of ideas. It is also very malleable. It takes many forms of information, question, poetry and so on. It also stands as a testament to facts. A document in writing is much more strong evidence than words.

Now writing is slowly becoming obsolete, we are more engrossed in typing than penmanship.

Hope these advantages of writing motivate you to pick up a pen again:

Stress reliever:

You can pour your frustrations in a piece of paper. The process may seem tiring at first. But, soon you will start looking for words to express your anger creatively.

Gather your wits:

It helps you to collect your thoughts and keep you calm and relaxed. You can list out the pros and cons and contemplate. In case of having same pros and cons, you can try devising different scenarios and pick the best one.

Secret Keeper:

At times we cannot and should not share everything with anyone or everyone. That is where writing helps you, jot down the worries or anger in your secret diary. You will feel quite relieved and happy at the same time.

Communication skills:

It builds your communication and vocabulary skills. When opting for writing, we will think twice before writing a word. Whereas while talking we apparently don’t do. By default, you will start searching for words that don’t sound rude but delivers the intended effect.

Creative side:

Writing brings out a creative streak in a person. Creativity is excellent for minds to break from the usual routine. It also improves concentration and attention. As it is very short nowadays thanks to technology.

Pick up a pen today to express yourself. Revel in the joy of writing and that is not all, you can also become a professional writer, check out my next post to know more.

As usual Namaste, Au Revoir, Saynora, and Vanakkam to my readers out there where ever you are.

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